What is Melamine Faced Chipboard?

Melamine faced chipboard, also known as conti-board and malemine chipboard, is a versatile product that can be used for many applications such as kitchen cabinets and bedroom wardrobes.

At Mersey MDF, Plas and Ply sell a wide range of melamine faced chipboard that comes in two thicknesses, 18 mm and 15mm, and a multitude of colours and different grains.

Common uses of melamine board


Probably the most common use of melamine faced chipboard is the construction of kitchen cabinets and frames. These can then be used with a wide range of kitchen doors and accessories. At Mersey MDF, Plas and Ply we stock a wide range of replacement kitchen doors and accessories such as handles, hinges and edging tape.


Melamine faced chipboard is ideal for making shelves as it can be cut to size and faced with a wide range of colours. It’s also possible to edge melamine faced chipboard with matching or contrasting coloured edging tape so you can match almost any interior design.


You can also use melamine faced chipboard to construct bespoke bedroom cabinets and wardrobes. It’s possible to create a unique fitted bedroom wardrobe for the fraction of the cost.

Advantages of melamine faced chipboard

The main advantage of melamine faced chipboard is that it does not require any finishing. Once you have constructed a unit and its ready to fit into position it requires no more treatment. Both timber and plywood units would require further treatment with several coats of finish including sanding between each coat. This can be very time consuming and ultimately varnish is not as stain resistant as melamine.

Gallery Of Common Grain Effect Melamine Board